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Effective Date: 1/1/2014 - 8/15/2015

Completion of the following curriculum will satisfy the requirements for an Associate in Arts degree at KCTCS and related baccalaureate A.A. TO B.A. IN PARALEGAL SCIENCE degree at Eastern Kentucky University. This pathway meets the general education, pre-major, and program requirements.

The suggested courses in this pathway leads to an Associate and Baccalaureate major. The course recommendations for the first two years are required for the Baccalaureate degree, but also apply to the associate degree. The completion of these courses will enable a student to move efficiently into the last two years of the baccalaureate program.

It is important to discuss revisions to the plan, graduation requirements, entrance requirements, and other important program requirements with your advisor. Students who complete the associate degree in this pathway are guaranteed acceptance into the pathway as stated, unless otherwise noted on the pathway.

Sample 1st & 2nd Year Progression

General Education Core
Written Communications (WC): 6 Credit Hours
ENG 101 (3) 3
ENG 102 (3) 3
Oral Communications (OC): 3 Credit Hours
OC Course 3
Heritage (HR): 3 Credit Hours
Heritage Course 3
Humanities (HU): 3 Credit Hours
Humanities Course 3
Social & Behavioral Sciences (SB): 9 Credit Hours
SB Course 3
SB Course 3
SB Course 3
Natural Sciences (NS): 3 Credit Hours + Associated Lab
NS Course 3
NS Lab Course 0
Quantitative Reasoning (QR): 3 Credit Hours
QR Course 3
Quantitative Reasoning (QR) -or- Natural Sciences (NS): 3 Credit Hours + Associated Lab
QR/NS Course 3
QR/NS Lab Course 0
Total Credit Hours  33
Associate in Arts Requirements
Arts & Humanities (AH) -or- Social & Behavioral Sciences (SB) -or- Foreign Language (FL): 6 Credit Hours
AH/SB/FL Course 3
AH/SB/FL Course 3
General Education Core (GE) -or- Foreign Language (FL): 6 Credit Hours + Associated Lab
GE/FL Course 3
GE/FL Course 3
Total Credit Hours  12
Elective 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Total Credit Hours  15

Pre-Transfer Notes

Paralegal Degree Requirements:

Paralegal majors, minors, and certificates must attain a minimum grade of “C” in all major and supporting courses, a minimum grade of “C” must be earned in LAS 210 before taking LAS 220. A minimum grade of “C” must be earned in LAS 220 before being admitted to any of the other upper division requirements.

Paralegal majors, minors, and certificates must take a minimum of ten (10) semester credits of courses from Major/Minor requirements in a traditional in-person or ITV format. No courses taken in an online or web-based format can count toward this ten (10) semester credit requirement.

Paralegal transfer students must take a minimum of 15 semester hours of paralegal (LAS) courses at EKU to earn a paralegal degree.

For further information about the Paralegal Science major at EKU, visit the EKU Department of Government website at:

or contact the department chair, Lynnette Noblitt, at or (859) 622-5931.

Additional KCTCS Graduation Requirements

1. Completion of minimum of 60 credit hours,
2. Minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA,
3. Minimum of 15 credit hours earned at the institution awarding the degree,
4. Cultural studies course, (Refer to the KCTCS catalog.)
5. Demonstration of computer/digital literacy, (Refer to the KCTCS catalog.)
6. One science course must include a laboratory experience, and
7. Two disciplines must be represented in Social & Behavioral Science courses and must be different than those in the Heritage and Humanities categories.

Sample 3rd & 4th Year Progression

Eastern Kentucky University Courses
POL 101 (3) 3
LAS 210 (3) 3
ENG 300 (3) or ENG 300S (3) 3
LAS 220 (3) 3
ACC 201 (3) 3
POL 463 (3) or POL 464 (3) 3
LAS 300 (3) or LAS 300W (3) 3
LAS 355 (3) 3
LAS 350 (3) 3
LAS 385 (3) 3
LAS 399 (4) 4
LAS 330 (3) or LAS 340 (3) or LAS 360 (3) or LAS 370 (3) or LAS 380 (3) or LAS 490 (1-3) 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
LAS 325 (3) 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
Elective 3
PHE Elective 3
Total Credit Hours  61

Program Notes

Requirements for B.A. in Paralegal Science:

University requirement: Must complete at least 42 hours of upper-level courses (300 or above), Wellness requirement, and designated ACCT course (for an LAS major, LAS 399 fulfills the ACCT requirement). Requirements for major:

Core courses: LAS 210, 220, 300/300W, 325, 350, 355, 385, 399, 410.

Supporting course requirements: ACC 201, ENG 300/300S, POL 101, plus 3 hours selected from the following: POL 460, 463, 464.

Upper-level requirement in major: In addition to core and supporting course requirements, twelve (12) more hours of LAS courses selected from the following: LAS 330, 340, 360, 370, 380, 460, 490.

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